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One of the funniest actors and nicest guys, Anthony Anderson, shooting on location in Manhattan for "The Backup Plan."

Producers are always surrounded by strange characters, but Carmen Electra was a sweetheart and a trooper even after five hours of makeup on "Epic Movie."


Emmy Rossum is a talent and a beauty in and out. Here I am distracting her from the long breaks in between setups on Dragonball: Evolution in Durango, Mexico.


No one saw the movie, but I wasn't turning down a shoot in Bordeaux, France with Academy Award winner Jessica Lange on "Cousin Bette"


Martin Lawrence tries to stay cool as Director Raja Gosnell goes over the scene in "Big Momma's House."


As a producer, it's always important to keep your cast happy and smiling, here in between takes with Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin on "The Backup Plan."


Bill Murray likes his independence so no driver for him, just a Lincoln Town Car and a map to the set. He is a consummate professional and an all around fun guy. Here we toast his last day of shooting on "Wild Things."


Relaxing between takes with "Dunston Checks In" stars Jason Alexander, Faye Dunaway and Paul Reubens.


Madeline Stowe is a serious actress, but can get playful behind-the-scenes. Here, she practices her rope skills - on me - for "Bad Girls".


You never know if I was talking to Dennis Quaid about movies or another of his passions, golf. We even set up a small putting green outside his trailer, on "In Good Company."


Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and Kevin Bacon weather a momentary storm while shooting on a boat off the Florida coast for "Wild Things."


Sometimes you do strange things to motivate a crew, but 20th Century Fox chief Joe Roth blew a gasket when he heard I challenged director Ron Shelton to a shooting contest on the set of "White Men Can't Jump." Woody Harrelson, in the background, was rooting on his director.


Figuring out how many shots left to finish a scene with brilliant writer-director Paul Weitz on "American Dreamz."


Before the prevalence of visual effects, you actually had to build the stuff. Standing in front of the Fort on "Last of the Mohicans" outside Asheville, North Carolina.

The rule is to try never to work with kids or animals and I had to break both rules to land my first film as producer, "Dunston Checks In," here with two stars, wonderful and talented director Ken Kwapis and our lead actor, Sam.

Doesn't Danny DeVito look excited to take this photo? Well, it was my second movie and the Taxi star was a favorite, here at basecamp for "Ruthless People."

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